Air Conditioning

Book an air conditioning service (including regas) for only £199 Inc. VAT and get a FREE health check.


Does your the air conditioning system work as well as it should? Minstergate are fully trained in re-gassing your air conditioning system to manufacturers specifications. For maximum efficiency your air conditioning system should be re-gassed every 12-18 months.

Reasons to have your aircon recharged

Fuel Consumption

A poorly maintained system will need to work harder as the system has to work harder to pump.

Removal of bacteria, smells and fungi

Bacteria and fungi can build up inside of an air conditioning system that can lead to smells.

Not cold enough?

Each year, a cars air con system can lose around 15% of its efficiency.

Strange Noises?

If you’re hearing strange noises then this is a clear indication that its time for a recharge.